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Elliegance Beauty Bar


Ellie Debnam:

Elliegance Beauty Bar Owner & Personal Trainer

My beauty journey begun just over two years ago when I studied at The London College of Beauty Therapy.


This was the most incredible adventure for me, and I qualified with Distinctions in all areas. I created a real passion for beauty and making people feel relaxed and at ease with themselves.

My journey then led me to becoming a Spa Therapist at a five star hotel using luxury products and it gave me the experience and confidence I needed to be able to start up on my own! 

I have researched a lot into finding the best products and I feel I have found a brand in which you will all love..

Elliegance Beauty is in the heart of Cuckfield in West Sussex right next to the beautiful Golf Course. 

So get in touch, and enjoy some well needed 'YOU time..' and i'll look forward to hearing from you!

Lifestyle changes Personal training

Ellie Debnam:

As well as managing the Beauty side of the business I also work as a Personal Trainer at Lifestyle Changes PT.

I was the girl that was once scared to go to the gym alone in case people made a judgement, I was the girl that thought lifting weights would make you more ‘manly’. 


I had such an unhealthy relationship with food, with exercise but the worst relationship I had was with myself... 


Exercise, eating healthier and adding daily habits into my life has completely transformed me, both mentally and physically.

My passion for fitness, healthy living and positive mindset has completely changed my perspective of everything in my life, and I now train to look after myself and feel good from the inside-out.

Are you someone that needs an extra push, needs guidance in gaining structure and routine into your life, nutrition guidance or is there an element in your life that is standing in the way of you achieving your goals?


It’s time for me to help you on your fitness journey!

Wayne Debnam:
Lifestyle Changes Personal Training Owner

Hi my name is Wayne Debnam and i'm the Founder of Lifestyle Changes Personal Training and Rehabilitation.

I have been involved in sports coaching and training for over thirty years; initially as a Personal Trainer and then as a Physical Education Instructor in the services.

I have been a coach in most major sports and have a vast experience in training; groups, teams and individuals.

Whether your goal is based around weight loss, weight gain, improving fitness, vanity, to recover from an injury or you play a particular sport and need an extra boost, I can work with you and help you achieve your goals.


I also run a Rehabilitation scheme for individuals who have suffered from an illness or injury, or have had an operation and need guidance to gaining strength back physically and mentally.

I have worked with clients, who have due to Covid-19 have been hospitalised on a ventilator for several weeks and are now, after working with me on the road to recovery.

Clients who have, following accidents and injuries, with my assistance are now getting back to a normal way of living.

​ today.

Brad King:
Personal Training

Hi, my name is Brad and I am the newest member to the Lifestyle Changes PT team.


I am a young, adventurous and hard working young adult. Over the past four years I have been training myself at various gyms. This has helped expand my knowledge of the Fitness Industry and gain confidence within the gym.


In terms of education I have completed a full two year 'Sport' course at college in 2016.

During this time I learnt about the anatomy of the human body, as well as how to run various sporting events.

I have also completed a Level 3 Personal Trainer course.


I am also very active and have taken part in sports such as: football, basketball, athletics and swimming since a young age.


I am very confident in saying that I can help you through your fitness journey in order to achieve your goals.

Whether it be a physical change (losing weight), correct your form, or guidance in how to boost performance and confidence in sporting events or the gym environment I can motivate and guide you through.


I have come a long way in the past few years, and I don’t plan to stop progressing in this industry. 

Why choose our services?

High Quality service

One to one friendly and personal service to ensure you recieve a five-star experience.


Continued aftercare and support for all of our clients.


All our services are carried out in a private, relaxed and discreetly situated location.

Parking available for your convienience.


Flexible and reliable service to meet your needs. late evening and weekend appointments are also available.